Sunday, 3 February 2008

RIP Jackie Orszaczky - peace brother

Jackie Orszaczky and Tina Harrod

This morning I was told of the death of Sydney funk legend, and friend, Jackie Orzasky.

What a loss to the Sydney music community. The depth of his music was only matched by the depth of his generosity and vision. He nurtured the best talents in the city. Tuesday nights at the Newtown RSL was one of the best nights in the country. You never knew who would jump up - just to have the chance to play with Jack. The atmosphere was always electrifying.

My favourite (and humble) memory of him is when we first met. We were standing outside The Macquarie Hotel, having a cigarette during a break. He turned to me and said, "are you a musician, too?"

I stammered, embarrassed, terrified - "um, no". My friend jumped in (bless her) and said, "Yes she is. J plays the piano".

"Well bring it down next time! We'll have a jam!"

There are many great memories, nights, songs of Jackie. My heart goes out to Tina Harrod, his inspiring wife, and their daughter.

Jack would never say good bye, instead he'd put his hands in a prayer position and bow down to you. Just like some funkadelic Indian swarmi, he honoured the god-like self in you. The same part that we share with all humankind and find in the best music, and that, so often, involved Jack.


Link: The official Jackie Orszaczky website


Megan Kemmis said...

Aaaah, what a waste! The man just oozed talent, but was so humble. I remember seeing Jump Back Jack in the mid 80s, and loved what they did to Elvis Costello's "Pump it Up" (they did the chorus in half-time). We need more, not fewer, people like Jackie in this world...

PB said...

Thanks for this Juel,

I'm a fan of Jackie Orszaczky's and i find the news of his death quite saddening.
I have linked your blog on my blog. Hope that's ok.

All good wishes,
Pam Brown

Brett said...


Hope I am in town for his farewell.

Anonymous said...

I always had to pinch myself on Tuesdays at the Rose and later at @ Newtown to convince myself I hadn’t died and gone to heaven in New York, Berlin or some other important site for great music.

Dion said...

I dont think I have ever been so moved by a musician all my life...
I moved from NZ to Sydney in 2000 and my friend picked me up from the airport and instead of bringing me home he took me to the Rose in Erko...When we walked up to the door he said to me " this will either make you want to stay in Sydney or leave"

I walked in and saw the most unreal band...and afterwards met Jackie and had a great chat about all things music with him.
He always had time to say hi to me...and his groove is what inspired me to learn more.

We will miss you heaps Jackie...Sydney Music wont be the same without you.